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Lewy Penfold

Lew Penfold was one of the most gifted and naturally talented fighters to come out of Kings Gym. Unfortunately for us he only had one bout in the red and gold as he moved back to London but did that fight leave a lasting memory.

The fight took place on September 5th 2015, the fight itself didn't last long, only one minute infact butit showed the personality of Lew.


We knew Lew was a confident lad especially about his boxing ability, as we were standing in the hallway waiting for the ring card girl to walk us to the ring and Lew turned to coach Anthoney and said "I am going to hit him with a one two and stop him with a body shot". Anthoney turned to look at him and replied "Don't just talk about it, get in there and fucking do it" in a joking way. 

We sat a few minutes later in the corner and watched him do exactly what he said he would do, which led to a quick stoppage and his opponent unfortunately having a broken rib. Kings Gym were saddened to hear that Lew had to retire from boxing a few years after this bout, boxing was truly robbed of a very talented fighter.

Watch the video to see Lew in action....

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