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Personal Training

With James

Aswell as being a professional boxer James is also a fully qualified REPS level 3 Personal Trainer. Personal training with James can be catered in any way to the clients needs and fitness goals and are guaranteed to help you reach them. Whether your goals be weight loss, muscle gain or even just boxing training (which by the way is one of the best ways of getting fit and staying in shape) Personal Training with James is the way to go.


James is available for Personal training sessions through his own boxing gym where you can train in the same gym as he undertakes his own training and the training of the many boxers in the gym, through Fit4Less where James is employed as a Personal Trainer or from the comfort of your own home



Anyone interested in training should contact us through any of the social media methods listed at the top of the page or through the Sign Up section of the site by email.



James works as a trainer out of Fit4Less in Canterbury, with Fit4Less's wide range of equipment and facilities getting fitter and in shape has never been easier, training can be catered to any fitness goals a client may have. So anything from weight loss and nutrition to weight gain and conditioning or even one to one boxing sessions you need look no further.


Sessions are available from £25 per hour with half hour sessions at £15.



* Level 2 Gym Instructor

* Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPs)

* Professional Boxing Coach

* Professional Boxer

* Level 2 England Boxing Coach

Kings Gym

Individual sessions are also available from James' own gym. Training here is more boxing based which is one of the best ways to get fit and in shape, afterall there is a reason boxers are among the fittest athletes on the planet. Sessions here follow similar patterns to James' own training including padwork and interval bagwork, aswell as a wide range of training include battleropes, tyres and general functional training.


So for a fun and effective way to work out, lose weight and get in shape contact us to book in a session.


Sessions are available from £25 per hour

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